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At Umunthu Plus, we are deeply committed to the well-being of our communities. Our "Agriculture and Livelihood Enhancement" program is designed to empower women's farmers' groups and individual households by providing the necessary tools, knowledge, and support to enhance food security and economic stability. We believe in planting the seeds of self-sufficiency and nurturing them to flourish.

Nurturing Prosperity at the Root

In our relentless pursuit of food and economic security for our beneficiaries, we take a comprehensive approach. We recognize that food is not only sustenance but also a source of economic empowerment. Here's how our program works:

1. Startup Farm Inputs and Training

We provide targeted beneficiaries with essential startup farm inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, and farming tools. More importantly, we couple this support with training sessions. Our beneficiaries are not merely handed resources but are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize their agricultural potential. These training sessions cover sustainable farming practices, crop management, pest control, and best practices in modern farming techniques.

2. Promoting Household Sustainability

The heart of our program lies in enabling households to not only produce food for their own consumption but also to generate surplus for sale. This dual-purpose approach ensures that families not only have enough to eat but also opportunities for income generation, contributing to their economic well-being. We support our beneficiaries in diversifying their crops, enabling them to respond to market demands and changing conditions.

3. Empowering Farmers Groups and Cooperatives

To further boost productivity and the sustainability of agri-business, we work with farmers' groups and cooperatives. These entities play a vital role in local agriculture, and our program enhances their capacity through:

  • Business Training: Beneficiaries are equipped with skills in financial management, marketing, and access to markets, helping them run their agri-businesses efficiently and profitably.
  • Leadership Development: Building leadership skills within these groups ensures that they can make informed decisions, set collective goals, and advocate for their interests in the wider community.

Cultivating Change,
One Crop at a Time

The "Agriculture and Livelihood Enhancement" program at Umunthu Plus is more than just about farming; it's about cultivating change at the grassroots level. It's about nurturing resilience and empowering communities to thrive even in challenging environments. By providing support, knowledge, and the means to sustain themselves, we aim to break the cycle of poverty and food insecurity.
Join us in our mission to promote food and economic security in our communities. Together, we can create a future where every household has the resources and knowledge to thrive through agriculture.



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